Navico ForwardScan Transducer Kit - 000-11674-001 for Simrad and B&G

Navico ForwardScan Transducer Kit - 000-11674-001 for Simrad and B&G

Navico ForwardScan Transducer Kit - 000-11674-001 for Simrad and B&G

Know What Lies Ahead

ForwardScan uses forward-looking sonar to give you a clear view of the bottom ahead of your boat. This award-winning technology is a powerful defence against running aground in shallow, unfamiliar, or poorly-charted waters. ForwardScan generally offers a forward view of 4-5 times your current depth; for example in 3 metres (10 feet) of water, see the bottom 12-15 metres (40-50 feet) ahead. Under ideal conditions ForwardScan can see even further, looking ahead up to 8 times your current depth. The 180 kHz ForwardScan transducer is designed to minimise interference from common 200 kHz transducers, enabling it to be used alongside existing fish-finding or depth-tracking sonar.

Simple 2D View and Chart Overlay

See a simple, immediately understandable view of the bottom ahead. Bottom Colour Tracking shows the bottom as a solid terrain in an uncluttered, side-on picture. For more detail, you can choose to display sonar returns from throughout the water column; these can illustrate other potential hazards such as dock posts. Perfect for cruising, you can also overlay ForwardScan depth data on charts: Heading Line View uses colour-coded segments to represent deep, medium, and shallow water ahead. Depths are customisable to suit your boat’s draught, and a shallow depth alarm helps to ensure you’re never caught unaware.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

ForwardScan suits almost any vessel and hull type, thanks to its stainless steel through-hull mounting sleeve. The sleeve and included fairing block can accommodate 29 mm (1.15 inch) thick hulls at 12 degrees deadrise, or 19 mm (3/4 inch) hulls at 20 degrees. A self-closing valve means the ForwardScan transducer can be inserted and removed from the sleeve while on the water, allowing quick and easy transducer maintenance.

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