NMEA2000 Basics

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A brief description of the most basic NMEA2000 Network


The image below shows about the simplest NMEA2000 network you can create. An NMEA2000 network requires the following bare minimum

  • Two devices that need to communicate with each other. In this case a Chartplotter and a Smart Speed and Depth Transducer.
  • The network itself requires a dedicated nominal 12 volt DC power supply, shown below as the red cable
  • Each end of the network you are creating requires a "Terminator". 
  • Each device requires a "drop" or "Spur" cable to connect it to a "T" connection in the network "Backbone"

Without all of the above, the network will not work correctly, if at all.

What will NOT work, is the direct connection of two devices, without a powered and correctly terminated network.

bare minimum NMEA2000 network


For very small installations, a single unit network is available as shown below. This module has the terminators built into the block and a separate 12vdc power cable. This unit is limited to connecting 4 devices in total.

actisense small boat network A2K-SBN