Simrad Tillerpilot TP32

Simrad Tillerpilot TP32

Simrad Tillerpilot TP32 


Simrad Tillerpilots combine attractive styling with storm-proof weather protection to withstand the toughest conditions at sea. Designed to use minimum energy whilst providing maximum thrust, they provide fast and silent, in short, outstanding performance.

SimNet capability

The TP32 is SimNet-enabled, allowing intelligent data sharing across the revolutionary, NMEA2000-compatible SimNet high speed bus. The increased data flow provides maximized performance, whilst simplified interfacing (plug & play) supports straightforward installation.

NMEA direct connection

Alternatively, if SimNet-capable instruments are not available, the TP32 can be connected directly to most NMEA0183 GPS receivers via the built-in NMEA interface.

With a peak thrust of up to 85kg (187lbs) and a lock-to-lock speed of 4.7 secs with a 20kg (44lbs) load the TP32 exhibits a truly powerful performance. For larger vessels of up to 6,300 kg (14,000 lbs) and a length of up to 12 m (39 ft).

The TP32 can be connected to a SimNet Control Network, which will allow advanced data sharing across the system, speeding up the data flow and thus enhancing performance. Information provided via the SimNet data bus enables the autopilots to automatically steer to apparent wind or, if GPS information is available, to steer to the next programmed waypoint.

Principal Modes:

Steer to Compass

In its standard operating mode the TP22/TP32 will lock onto the current heading with just one press of the Auto key. Adjustments to course (in 1° or 10° increments) are made using the Port and Starboard keys.


With just a single command the autotack feature steers the boat through a tack automatically.

Steer to Wind

To hold a chosen wind angle when under sail, the TP22/TP32 must either be connected to a Simrad Instrument System with Wind function, or to a Simrad Active Masthead Unit. Course adjustments (in 1° or 10° increments) can be made using the Port or Starboard key.

Steer to GPS

The unique Simrad Nav lock feature means you can instruct the Simrad TP22/TP32 to steer to the currently active GPS waypoint with just a single key stroke.

Tillerpilot installation:

The Simrad Tillerpilots should be installed so that they are level and at a 90° angle to the tiller when it is amidships and the pushrod is in the midstroke position. The pilots are factory preset to be mounted on the Starboard side, but can be configured for Port-side mounting.
The dimensions given should be adhered to as closely as possible. A range of fitting accessories are available to accommodate correct installation. 


  • Easy To Use
  • Precision Steering
  • Battery Optimisation
  • Silent Sailing
  • Waterproof Sealing
  • SimNet Compatible

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