DD15 Electric Drive For Larger Sailboats - 21119896

DD15 Electric Drive For Larger Sailboats - 21119896

Simrad DD15 Electric Drive For Larger Sailboats - 21119896


The DD15 Direct Drive is a very strong and compact autopilot drive and more efficient than hydraulic and most electromechanical autopilot drive units.
It is powerful (the max. output torque of 150 Kgm is equivalent to 150 Kg force on the end of a 1 meter steering tiller) and is build for 24 hours per day continuous operation with a total weight of only 12 Kgs.

The combination of the flat wound (pancake) electric motor with the efficient planetary and spur gearbox results in an extremely efficient drive unit to keep the battery consumption to the minimum.

The drive can be used on boats from 30 to 45 feet l.o.a. (or up to 150 Kgm rudder torque) equipped with a mechanical steering system that can be back driven. Due to the electro mechanical clutch, the drive can be back-driven with the force of a finger tip leaving the mechanical steering as sensitive as without drive unit.

The DD15 includes the RF300 Rudder Feedback unit with transmission link, and 10 m (30 feet) of cable. It transforms the angular travel of the rudder to a digital signal read by the autopilot steering computer.

A Drag Link is required for Installation, See "Related Products".

  • Max Boat Displacement 10.5 tons
  • Max Boat Length 45ft m
  • Max Torque 1370 Nm
  • Drive Unit Tiller Arm 250 mm \ 9.8 in
  • Power Supply 12V (1-4A) vDC

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