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Seiwa SW Autopilot AP05 - KAKSW030SE

Seiwa SW Autopilot AP05 - KAKSW030SE

Seiwa SW Autopilot AP05 - KAKSW030SE


The intelligent autopilot system for both power and sailing vessels 6m to 40m.

Integrating all features for leisure or commercial use with compact, panel-mount control head.

Featuring specific requirements for short-handed round-the-world sailing and tournament fishing, casual cruising, or setting off on a long haul ocean adventure, the SW AP05 offers the strength and reliability of an extra hand on the helm.


  • New compact panel-mount control head with:
  • Course control knob with course trim keys;
  • Backlit LCD display of heading and rudder angle;
  • Eight backlit keys for simple access to control options;
  • GPS navigation data on screen when in use;
  • On-screen alarm messages;

Interfaces GPS, wind instruments, satellite and gyro compasses;

Autotack, Autogybe with adjustable angle;

Auto and Manual compass calibrations:

Rate gyro compass:

  • Accurate course holding;
  • Reduced rudder activity;
  • Reduced power consumption leading to reduced fuel consumption on power boats;

Drive options:

  • Linear, hydraulic, rotary, solenoid;

Remote options:

  • Second station, remote steering, jog lever, follow-up lever, electric steering helm;
  • The rate gyro compass maximises autopilot performance and minimises the effects of acceleration, roll and pitch.
  • The combination of these two features means that the autopilot is able to steer a more accurate course with less rudder movement resulting in lower power consumption and less wear and tear on the vessel's steering system.

The box contains:

  • Autopilot control head (UX0AP050SW);
  • Suncover;
  • Autopilot junction box 12v (S81.01);
  • Fluxgate Compass (S81.02);
  • Rudder transducer (S81.03);
  • User Manual (english);



Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage Range nominal): 12 to 14V dc

Maximum Supply Voltage Range: 10 to 16V dc

Supply Current:

Basic system in STANDBY: 0.33A

In Pilot with 20% duty: 2.5A

Compass: Fluxgate in damped suspension

Typical deviation: 2.5 deg rms.

Rudder Transducer: Potentiometer type

Rudder position accuracy: 1 deg.

Max rudder angle: +/- 60 deg.

Clutch drive: 1V below the supply voltage at 1A

Steering Drive:

Output for 12V supply: 10V at rated load

Max continuous current: 16A

Max current for 15 sec.: 20A

Max current for 1 sec.: 40A

Recommended response times:

Hull length up to 11mt: 8 sec. for -20 to +20 deg swing.

Hull length 11 to 13m: 10 sec. for -20 to +20 deg swing.

Hull length above 13m: 12 sec. for -20 to +20 deg swing.

Navigation Interface


Data format and sentences to comply with NMEA0183 V3.00

Serial data format:

Baud Rate: 4800

Character format: start bit, 8 data bits, LSB first, MSB (bit 7) = 0, no parity bit, 1 or 2 stop bits


Idle, stop bit,logic'1': Line A < 0.5V above line B.

Start bit, logic '0': Line A > 4V above Line B.


Input port(s): Isolated via optocoupler

Input res istance: 1000 ohm min.

Output port: Non-isolated differential output

Output voltage: 18 V p-p (typical)

Source resistance: 1500 ohm max


For navigation inputs, the system looks for groups of sentences in this order:






The search stops on the first complete group. If only one sentence is found from the

above combinations, the autopilot operates from the data in that sentence.

For wind vane inputs, the system looks for sentences in this order:



Note that the MWV sentence should contain the symbol R following the wind angle field.

For a digital heading input, the system looks either for the HDG or HDT sentence, depending on w hich one is selected in the Menu 3 option. Variation and deviation fields are not read.


The system outputs heading data in either the IIHDG sentence (without deviation or variation data) or as IIHDT, using the magnetic variation set within the autopilot. The repetition rate is a minimum of 8 per second.

CM840 Junction Box             

For 12 volt systems

Drive current: 20A

Can operate two parallel Controllers

Single Remote Port      

Fluxgate or slave or digital   heading

Footprint 204 x 136 mm

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