Scanstrut Helm Pod - System Pod - SPH-SYS-W

Scanstrut Helm Pod - System Pod - SPH-SYS-W

Scanstrut Helm Pod - System Pod - SPH-SYS-W


Fits 8” Display & 4 Standard Instruments or 12” Display & 2 Standard Instruments.

7 Reasons to Choose a Scanpod…

  • Fits anywhere onboard - The Scanpod range is short on part numbers for simplicity but offers a wide range of mounting options to fit any boat. The Helm, Deck and Mast Pod ranges fit standard instruments, 20/20’s and a range of displays.
  • Easy to install - A complete fixing kit ensures you have everything you need to easily install the Pod. The “no drill” clamp fixing kit for the Helm Pod means no more tricky drilling of stainless tubes.

    Fitting the front to the back is even easier too with injection moulded ABS inserts designed into the Pod front, allowing for a quick and secure install and repeat servicing. A lip allows the front and back of the Pod to be fitted together seamlessly.
  • Ocean ready - We use the best marine grade materials so you get the best. Tough, corrosion free, UV stable acrylic capped ABS. Ready for sun, saltwater, heat, cold and everything in between. Our “no drill” clamp kit is made from marine grade 316 stainless steel. Our Deck Pod base is made from anodised machined solid aluminium. No compromise.
  • Protection - Your instruments will be completely protected in a Scanpod. The watertight seal gives a smart, clean profile. Using high strength, long life silicone, the seal is resistant to heat, cold and UV. A double layer, bonded Pod front adds rigid support for all screens, making them the toughest Pods on the market.
  • Simplified stocking - The range is simple and compact to stock for our dealers and resellers. Intuitive part numbers help too: e.g. SPH-8D-W = Scanpod Helm Pod for 8” Display in White.
  • G-shock and heat tested - Extensively tested. Prior to production, our Pods must pass some brutal G-shock and heat testing. So, because we know that your instruments will keep working in a Scanpod in heat up to 55°C and G-shocks of over 6g, we’re happy to let you use them!
  • Supplied uncut - A compact range is easier to stock and means you’ll find the model you need today, in stock, ready to take home. Cutting the Pod front is simple.
  • Helm Pod

    Great design and neat features ensure the Scanstrut Helm Pod is the perfect choice for all cockpit configurations. Our unique ‘No-Drill’ clamping system provides a universal fit on any pedestal rail. A set of mounting saddles gives a secure, watertight fixture at the rear of the Pod.

    Universal Helm Fixing - Customised U-bolts fit around rail and through the saddles into the back of the Pod eliminating the need for time consuming and awkward drilling of the stainless rail.

    Secure & Watertight Install - A saddle system supports the stainless tubing to allow a secure and rigid fit onto any pedestal and also ensures a watertight seal at cable entry.

    No Drill Fixing Kit - Fit pedestal rails from 25mm to 33.7mm (0.98” - 1.33”). Using a unique clamping system, the Pod can fit rail widths from 178mm (7”) upwards.


  • Fits 8” display & 4 standard instruments or 12” display & 2 standard instruments
  • Universal Helm Fixing
  • Secure & Watertight Install
  • No Drill Fixing Kit




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