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Sunware SW5066 High Power Compact Solar Panel - 69watt

Sunware SW5066 High Power Compact Solar Panel - 69watt

Sunware SW5066 High Power Compact Solar Panel - 69watt


SunWare solar modules are designed and tested specifically for use in marine and salt water. The modules are completely maintenance-free, durable, and weatherproof.
Even under extreme exposure to UV rays whether in the Caribbean, the Mediterra-nean, or the North Sea SunWare solar modules are always a reliable partner.

Their distinctive feature:
All 12V standard solar modules are designed with 40 cells. Consequently, SunWare solar modules can be fitted without rear ventilation.
Thus, any voltage drop due to high outside temperatures is compensated by the 4 additionally integrated cells to enable a full recharge of the battery.
The back of the module is completely flat so that it can be screwed or glued flush to the deck.

SunWare standard solar modules should always be fitted to a firm, inflexible surface.
The modules can be fitted flat to deck surfaces with a curving of up to 3%. Due to the extremely flat module structure, the module only adds 3mm, and 15mm at the cable outlet.

The 3m PU sheathed cable is robust, UV resistant and weatherproof.

To reduce the risk of slipping in wet conditions, the module surface is slightly structured.

Within the scope of constant quality control, each individual module is tested and calibrated prior to delivery.

Backed by a 3 year warranty.

69 Watt Panel

  • Peak Output - 69watts
  • Max Current - 5.0 amps @ 13.8volts
  • Open circuit volts - 24.0volts
  • Qty of cells - 39
  • Dimensions - 600x890mm
  • Termination Point - Right hand
  • A clear EVA surface thermally seals the photovoltaic cells to protect against water ingress and is bonded to the stainless steel substrate.
  • V4 marine grade stainless steel substrate is totally resistant to atmospheric corrosion and salt water.
  • Sea water tight cable outlet and breakproof electrical contacts.
  • Structured Teflon coated surface which can be walked on and is designed to reduce the possibility of slipping even in wet weather.
  • Flexible up to 3% (= 3cm over 1 m) across their length so can be mounted on curved surfaces.
  • Supplied with 3m cable and blocking diode.
  • Mounted using screw down clips or adhesive.

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