NV Charts Folio Netherlands Oostende to Borkum Atlas Format - NL1

NV Charts Folio Netherlands Oostende to Borkum Atlas Format - NL1

NV Charts Folio Netherlands Oostende to Borkum Atlas Format - NL1 - ONLY 2 LEFT 

  • This folio is supplied as a 16 page large format Atlas style book. Included in the pack is a download voucher which allows downloading of the entire folio onto a portable device such as an iPad or other tablet. The download includes an app which operates as a very basic chartplotting program using the tablets internal GPS. Ideal as a back-up.
  • The product has been derived in part from UKHO data. They include numerous harbour plans and details for approaches, passages and anchorages of the given area, extra details for rivers and channels, as well as notes and warnings for the given waters. Visitor berths and moorings are shown highlighted in colour. The clear structure makes finding harbour details or anchorages a matter of seconds. In this way mariners get quick access to all important navigational information. All information is also shown in the nv charts App. Tide- and current data are available in tables and charts in paper.
  • Publication Zero Rated for VAT
  • Features:

• Passage Charts

• Coastal Charts

• Details

• Tides and Currents

• FREE nv charts app code


Passage Charts

  • C1 Oostende tot IJmuiden 1:375.000
  • C2 IJmuiden tot Den Helder 1:375.000
  • C3 Den Helder tot Borkum 1:375.000

Coastal Charts

  • C4 Oostende tot Westkapelle 1:100.000
  • C5 Westkapelle tot Westhoofd 1:100.000
  • C6 Westhoofd tot Europoort 1:100.000
  • C7 Europoort tot Noordwijk aan Zee 1:100.000
  • C8 Noordwijk aan Zee tot IJmuiden 1:100.000
  • C9 IJmuiden tot Kijkduin 1:100.000
  • C10 Kijkduin tot Vlieland 1:100.000
  • C11 Vlieland tot Terschelling 1:100.000
  • C12 Terschelling tot Het Rif 1:100.000
  • C13 Het Rif tot Borkum 1:100.000
  • C15 Noordzeekanaal · IJmuiden tot Amsterdam 1:50.000


  • C14A Oostende 1:15.000
  • C14B Scheveningen 1:15:000
  • C14C Roompotsluis 1:20.000
  • C14D Zeebrugge 1:25:000
  • C14E Blankenberge 1:10.000
  • C14F Zeebrugge · Prins Albertdok 1:10.000
  • C16A IJmuiden 1:20.000
  • C16B Vlissingen 1:25.000
  • C17A Borkum Haven 1:15.000
  • C17B Den Helder 1:15.000
  • C17C West-Terschelling 1:10.000
  • C17D Aanloop West-Terschelling 1:30.000


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