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NASA Marine Clipper 147khz Receiver - CLIP147

NASA Marine Clipper 147khz Receiver - CLIP147

NASA Marine Clipper 147khz Receiver - CLIP147

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This system receives weather forecasts via radioteletype (RTTY) from the German National Weather Agency (DWD). It features a clear, backlit LCD display, active antenna and a large memory.

  • German shipping forecast in plain text on 147.3 kHz, the German Weather Service (transmitter Pinneberg)
  • Programmable to sea areas and the type of message
  • North and Baltic sea weather, station reports, storm warnings, forecasts for 2 and 5 days, time series reports, navigational warnings and much more
  • Memory for over 2500 lines, then overwrite oldest messages
  • Small 25 cm active antenna with 7 m cable
  • 12 V nominal voltage, power supply only 45 mA + 50 mA lighting
  • 16 lines x 40 characters per screen
  • Very high contrast display with white backlight
  • Supply voltage nominal 12v
  • Consumption 50mA @ 12v (100mA with backlight)
  • Power save auto timer on backlight
  • Spectrum screen for simple signal analysis
  • Non volatile program and message memory
  • Compact size L-150mm, H-112mm, D-42mm
  • Screen 98 x 138 mm
  • Active Micro antenna: H-175mm x 40mm. 7M Cable. Shown with optional rail mount.

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