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NASA Marine Navigation Light - Supernova Anchor - SUPER-ANC

NASA Marine Navigation Light - Supernova Anchor - SUPER-ANC

NASA Marine Navigation Light - Supernova Anchor - SUPER-ANC


Important: Supernova navigation lights are intended for use on vessels up to 12 metres in length. They comply with CE generic EMC standards and are waterproof to IP65 and IP67.
There is no specific EU standard for LED navigation lights. Supernova lights do not have any national approvals.

Supernova lights use high efficiency LEDs ensuring long life and low power consumption. A tough polycarbonate shell protects Supernova from the elements while a Gore-Tex membrane vent ensures equalization of pressure on the seals.

A simple two wire connection powers the Combi. Connecting the red wire to positive and the black wire to negative will illuminate the tricolour light. Reversing the connections will illuminate the anchor light. A toggle switch is supplied with the Combi light to facilitate the supply reversal.


  • Supply voltage - 10 to 20 volts (For full brightness)
  • Supply current - 200 mA @ 12 volts (Typically 90% less than equivalent incandescent lamps)
  • Night time visibility - 2 nautical miles minimum (25 degrees above and below the centerline)
  • Waterproofness - IP65 (Water jets), IP67 (Submersion)
  • Dimensions: 9.1 cm diameter x 11.3 cm Height (including mounting)
  • Anchor light:- 360 degrees white

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