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Lowrance BR24 3G Broadband Radar - 000-10435-001

Lowrance BR24 3G Broadband Radar - 000-10435-001

Lowrance BR24 3G Broadband Radar - 000-10435-001


A revolutionary new advanced Broadband Radar™ technology is available for a range of popular navigation systems, integrating superior radar performance with state-of-the-art charting, echosounding and entertainment displays.

Combine straightforward installation (with an easy-to-route 13.5mm diameter scanner cable), flexible antenna placement options and low power draw, and there is a clear choice for every type of vessel.

Unparalleled Short Range Target Discrimination - Where it Matters Most - Lowrance's Broadband Radar™ provides amazing target resolution, even at an unprecedented 1/32 nm range. Docks, channel markers, moored vessels and other critical targets are displayed with clarity and separation, for added confidence in close quarters. Broadband technology also eliminates the "main bang" of a pulse radar - the obscured "dead zone" immediately around the vessel - which interferes with close target detection.

Lowest RF Transmission for Safe, Flexible Installation - Because Lowrance Broadband Radar™ transmits at 1/20,000 the power of typical pulse radars (emitting 10 times less energy than an average cell phone), the radome is safe to mount in locations never before possible. In addition, the lowest DC power draw of any X-band marine radar makes this system ideally suited for sailboats and other vessels with limited power.

Navigation in an Instant - No more waiting 2-3 minutes for a magnetron to warm up - 100% solid-state design provides InstantOn™ capability. When darkness falls or the fog rolls in, you will always be ready. Ideal for sailboats wishing to save power, or boats at anchor not wishing to run the radar continuously.

Kit Includes

  • BR24 Scanner
  • 10M Scanner Cable
  • RI10 Interface Box
  • 6ft Ethernet Cable

Add High speed heading input from your existing autopilot or from a Simrad RC42 Rate compass to enable MARPA target tracking and radar onto chart overlay.

If adding the Simrad RC42, you will require;

  • 1 x Simrad RC42
  • 1 x Lowrance NMEA2000 to SimNet Adapter Kit - 000-0127-45

and if you do not already have an NMEA2000 network set up,

  • 1 x Lowrance NMEA2000 Starter Kit.


  • Revolution speeds up to 36 rpm for Lowrance HDS, providing near-instant updates at ranges less than 1 nautical miles
  • Directional side lobe-clutter suppression to reduce clutter and echoes caused by large targets
  • Accurate chart overlay and MARPA
  • Extremely low emissions (less than 1/5th the energy of a mobile phone)
  • Flexible antenna-placement options for safe and easy installation almost anywhere on a boat
  • Rapid cold start and InstantOn™ - allowing the radar to power up immediately from standby
  • Incredibly low power consumption.

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