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Navionics Differences Between Formats and Silver's Limitations

Navionics Differences Between Formats and Silver's Limitations

Not available to purchase on its own, Navionics Silver cartography is supplied pre-loaded in some chartplotters as an enhanced base map.

It should also be noted that the update path for Silver is to purchase a Gold or Platinum cartridge. Silver can not be updated.

Our recommendation is, if it is an option, Buy the plotter without Navionics Silver, and then Buy Navionics Gold or Platinum Plus.

Here follows a brief comparison of differences between Silver, Gold and Platiunum Plus. Silver's lack of tidal data and zoom levels alone should be enough to make the decision.

Silver Specifications
Depth Contours and Spot Sounding - To 10mtrs Only
Wreck Database - To 10mtrs Only
Closest Chart Range - 1/2NM
Port Plans - NO
Safety Depth Contours - To 5mtrs Only
Navplanner Compatible - NO
Dynamic Tides & Currents - NO
Port Service List - NO

Gold Specification
Navionics Freshest data (includes all Navionics latest chart updates)- (YES)
Free Downloadable Updates for one year- (YES)
Free PC App (upon Webstore registration)
Depth Contours and Spot Sounding - (All)
Wreck Database - (All)
Closest Chart Range - (1/32NM)
Port Plans - (YES)
Full Marina details- (YES)
Safety Depth Contours - (All)
Navplanner Compatible - (YES)
Dynamic Tides & Currents - (YES)
Port Service List - (YES)
Compatible with PC planning kits - (YES)

Platiunum Plus
Has all the features of Gold AND the following;
High-resolution satellite photo overlay
3-Dimensional view
Panoramic port photos
Geo-referenced coastal Pilot Books
Coastal points-of-interest
Turboview™ compatible (w/select chartplotters)

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