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C-Map MAX New WIDE Area Chart Cartridges

C-Map MAX New WIDE Area Chart Cartridges

C-Map MAX New WIDE Area Chart Cartridges

C-Map MAX, the new dynamic and interactive chart technology that will revolutionize the way electronic charts look and behave. MAX brings new life to the electronic chart, gracefully combining unparalleled levels of chart accuracy and detail, striking presentation and a huge collection of new value added data. Building on the incredible success of C-MapNT+ (winner of the NMEA Best Electronic Charts award for the last 6 years), MAX will empower a new generation of chart plotters with truly "knock-out" performance, blistering speed and unparalleled levels of chart accuracy and detail.

New Value Added Data

Multi-Media Objects such as aerial photos of all marinas and approaches
Seamless Coastal Road Mapping of marina areas
Additional Wreck and Underwater Obstructions Data


Displays the chart in a new Perspective (3D) mode
Chart can be panned/zoomed
Overlays a distance grid
Provides a new dimension to the traditional Rolling Road GPS display

Tides and Currents

Extensive Tidal Currents database - with animated tidal arrows
Tidal Heights database - with low and high water graphs
Ocean Currents Database

Improved Presentation

Optimised 256 Colour palette
Scalable Text and Symbols
Dynamic depth contours 32 shades of blue
Land contours included 15 shades of brown

Dynamic Nav-Aids
Nav-Aids can be animated to show their correct flashing light sequence.
Only Nav-Aids that are within their nominal range of the vessel are lit.
Sectored Lights are shown in the correct colour based on boats position.
The Nav-Aids name can be displayed below the Nav-Aid symbol

ClearView and ClearInfo Technology

All chart objects are fully prioritised to allow intelligent chart de-cluttering.
FlexiZoom feature allows under zooming of charts with no increase in clutter and over zooming to a much greater magnification than previously possible.
Information about chart objects is displayed in simple plain English

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