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Seiwa Seawave SD - Professional Multifunction Chartplotter - P2MGS000SE

Seiwa Seawave SD - Professional Multifunction Chartplotter - P2MGS000SE

Seiwa Seawave SD - Professional Multifunction Chartplotter - P2MGS000SE


Seawave SD is the professional multifunction chartplotter - plotter, radar, fishfinder - in Seiwa range of products and with its easy-to-use software that's ideal for commercial fishing vessels, large pleasure boats and cruisers thanks to it's high resolution LCD 12.1" TFT Colour display, 800x600 resolution (VGA).

The Seawave SD is a ruggedly built unit known for its quality and reliability, utilising the new SD system for unlimited data storage, features a double slot for easy storage of four data cartridges and a unique one touch "MOB" key, which brings up display of bearing and distance back to point of M.O.B. (Main-Over-Board) emergency. VGA Video output is available for remote display.

Seawave SD features the ultra-fast processor ARM9 S5C2410 Samsung 300 MHz, giving you instant screen changes and refresh; it also features two remote video ports, allowing you to connect existing or optionally available cameras and one video output port allowing you to connect to any standard monitor with video input for second station.

Seawave SD can be expanded to an all-in-one GPS Charting System/Fishfinder/Radar with optional BBFF Module and optional 2kW to 4kW MDS Radar Sensors (GPS Antenna is not included).

Depth Graph feature accepts input from onboard sounder or optional Active Transducer to display graphic presentation of vessel's current depth and recent depth history.

Seawave SD has a split-screen display feature, can be customized with thirteen selectable languages, displays coordinates in Lat/Lon, Loran TD's, UTM or OSGB.

Seawave SD is compatible with DSC and AIS equipments and is equiped with WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS GPS active antenna (not included).

The unit is compatible with C-MAP by Jeppesen cartography, using SD cartridges.


  • Worldwide Built-in Cartography showing detail up to 2.0 NM
  • C-MAP by Jeppesen MAX charts compatible
  • Object-oriented chart system with enhanced functionality including:
  • Guardian alarm, Safety Status Bar, Safe Route Checking
  • Perspective View
  • Satellite Image Coverage (on worldwide background)
  • Turbo and Smooth Zoom
  • Multilanguage
  • Enhanced Port Information database
  • Tides & Currents data
  • Photos & Diagrams
  • Automatic Information on all chart objects and User Points
  • Find function for Ports Services, Ports By Name, Ports By Distance, Tide Stations, Wrecks, Obstructions, Lakes Information
  • 10,000 User Points: Waypoints/Marks
  • Dynamic handling of User Points & Routes (the number of Routes and Waypoints per Route is dynamic, for example 10,000 Routes with 1 Waypoint each or 1 Route with 10,000 Waypoints).
  • 10,000 Track Points
  • Tracks 10,000
  • 10,000 Routes
  • User Points Icons 16
  • Create, Move, Insert, Edit, Delete, Send, Receive Waypoint
  • Create, Move, Edit, Delete, Send, Receive Mark/Event
  • Navigation to Goto
  • Create, Save, Name, Edit, Delete, Send, Receive or Follow a Route
  • Route Data Report and User Points (Marks/Waypoints) List pages
  • Display vessel's position, direction and Track
  • Man OverBoard (MOB) to navigate back to a missing person or object
  • Weather Service capability
  • Range & Bearing function
  • Simulation Mode with cursor control


  • BBFF compatible
  • Radar compatible
  • AIS compatible
  • DSC compatible
  • WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS compatible
  • MOB (Man Over Board)
  • Time to Destination
  • Distance to Destination
  • Selectable track color
  • Compass Calibration
  • Navigation Info
  • Automatic Info on cartographic objects
  • Simulation Mode

 Key pages

  • Positional information from GPS
  • Depth Graph Page (Split & Full)
  • Navigation Data page
  • 3D Road page
  • GPS Status page
  • Gauges page
  • DSC Log and DSC Directory pages
  • AIS Report List page
  • Fish Finder Page
  • Radar Page
  • User Points List Page

 Alarms Handling

  • Auto Off
  • Arrival Alarm
  • XTE Alarm
  • Anchor Alarm
  • Depth Alarm
  • HDOP Alarm
  • Heading Alarm
  • Grounding Alarm
  • Grounding Depth Limit Alarm
  • Grounding Alarm Range
  • External Alarm



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