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AIS Selection Guide

Posted by Yachtbits Blogger 10/11/2020 0 Comment(s)

AIS Seleection Guide for Small and Leisure Craft


ModelCSTDMA -2WSOTDMA - 5WWifi/BluetothSplitterScreenGPS
Icom MA-500X   X 
Navico NAIS-500X     
Navico V3100 X    
Em-Trak B400 XX X 
Em-Trak B330X X   
Em-Trak B921X     
Em-Trak B922X  X  
Em-Trak B923X X   
Em-Trak B924X XX  
Em-Trak B951 X    
Em-Trak B952 XX   
Em-Trak B953 X X  
EmTrak B954 XXX  
Comar T200BX     
Comar T200B--SX  X  
Raymarine AIS700