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Navico NAC-3 VRF Autopilot Core Pack - 000-13338-001

Navico NAC-3 VRF Autopilot Core Pack - 000-13338-001

Navico NAC-3 VRF Autopilot Core Pack - 000-13338-001


The Navico NAC-3 Autopilot Core Pack is intended for use in Simrad or B&G Installations with only the controllers being different. 

The NAC-3 Autopilot Computer is where all the processing takes place for the autopilot system. NAC-3 contains the control algorithms developed to helm your vessel across a broad range of weather conditions and sea-states, alongside the electronics needed to operate a hydraulic or mechanical drive unit, while also interfacing with other components including heading sensors and rudder feedback units. The NAC-3 was designed for boats up to 10 metres (33 feet) in length and is suitable for low-current hydraulic drives, mechanical drives, or solenoid valves with a current rating of 30 Amps continuous (50 Amps peak).

In Simrad Installations a Control Head such as the AP44 or AP48 will be required, whereas for a B&G installation a Triton² Autopilot Controller and a suitable display such as a Triton² Instrument.

Comprising of the high-current NAC-3 autopilot computer is designed for vessels over 10 metres (33 feet) in length, with the ability to run heavy-duty hydraulic drive pumps & linear rams, and also provides solenoid output.


NAC-3 Autopilot Computer
The NAC-3 was designed for boats 10 metres (33 feet) or greater in length and is rated to operate high-current hydraulic drives, mechanical drive units, and solenoid valves with a current rating of 30 Amps continuous (50 Amps peak).

The Precision-9 Compass. Outputs Heading (20Hz), Rate Of Turn (20 Hz), roll, and pitch (10 hZ) over the NMEA 2000® network.
N2k Backbone Starter Kit
NMEA 2000 Micro-C Network starter kit: Includes Network power cable, 4.5 m (15 ft) N2K cable, 3 x T-connectors, 2 x network terminators

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