Rutland HRS503/504 12v Regulator - CA-11/45

Rutland HRS503/504 12v Regulator - CA-11/45

Rutland HRS503/504 12v Regulator

The HRS503 Charge Regulator is designed for regulating the charge current to a single battery bank from the Rutland 503/504 Windcharger plus solar array up to 100w maximum.

Ensure the regulator selected corresponds to the type of windcharger used.

An internal blocking diode allows connection of additional charge sources (e.g. engine alternator, mains charger).

Note: Additional charge sources must be connected directly to the battery and not to the input of the HRS regulator.

The HRS protects batteries from overcharge, avoiding the loss of electrolyte through gassing and prolongs battery life. This also helps protect other electronic equipment from damage due to high battery voltage.


  • Pulse width modulated charge control.
  • Built in blocking diode protects HRS and Windcharger from other charge sources to battery eg. Engine
  • HRS unit for single battery bank.
  • Bulkhead mounted.
  • LED indication of charging, regulating battery voltage.
  • Designed for use with Rutland 503/504
  • Cut in voltage 13.8 (27.6).
  • Max voltage 14.4 (28.8).
  • Simple 3 wire flying lead connection.
  • Dimensions 150mm x 75mm x 34mm

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